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Why Jiu Jitsu/Martial Arts?

Post Covid Canada has been a whirlwind of changes to our daily lives. Some for the better, some clearly for the worst. Finding a grounding discipline in the midst of these changes is one of the most powerful tools we have to combat the uncertainty we face daily. Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, and MMA overall offer a piece of that daily & weekly disciple we can add as humans to show ourselves we can overcome adversity. Especially for those who don't have a fitness or sports background, Jiu Jitsu can be that outlet of physical exertion everyone needs as a daily practice, a place of remembering only the present moment of Submission, Pressure, Threat, is the challenge our brain thrives to overcome.

Present moment awareness & centering within the context of Jiu Jitsu don't allow for the distractions daily life posits us. It resets the brains rhythm of constant worry & anxiety through the struggle, escape or tap out, more so even with the dominant position. Giving a person, young & old, Male & Female, every nation or creed the confidence that they can win. Showing them even when the loss occurs, it's not life ending, time for the next round, next roll, next challenge. You can do it, you can win, with the right discipline.

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